We are especially excited to inform you that after a long follow-up of the prestigious University of Cambridge towards our center and being able to see and verify the academic results and methodology, we have been granted membership in the program Cambridge Learning Partner. In the image, Judit González representing Cambridge University Press presenting us with the plaque as an accreditation certificate.

We are very happy because only 9 language academies in Baix Llobregat They meet the rigorous requirements and can count on this distinction. This alliance gives us numerous advantages for both the center and the students.

  • Exclusive teaching materials
  • Constant teacher training
  • Preferential invitation to Cambridge University Press events or training sessions
  • Support in the preparation of official qualifications
  • Educational project that raises linguistic competence while contributing to the development of emotional and life skills.

In addition, for many years we have also had the accreditation of Preparation Center by the University of Cambridge, this is how we prepare and enroll our students for official exams from when they are little to the most advanced level.

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